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Odor and Taste Contaminants(Geosmin and 2-Methylisoborneol 2-MIB)

Geosmin and 2-MIB (methyl isoborneol) are the two most commonly tested taste and odor compounds in drinking water. These compounds are responsible for the earthy, musty odor and taste in water and are caused by algal blooms.  AEL can provide routine testing for these compounds or can help provide testing in response to customer complaints.  We conduct geosmin analysis for industries and municipalities across the US.  Some waters have breakouts of geosmin/2-MIB in the spring and summer time, while other locations around the US see a spike during winter Months.

AEL performs testing on Raw and Finished water from municipalities.  Also, AEL performs analysis for Food & Beverage industry.  We can test water coming into your plant and after treatment such as carbon.  We can test product to see what impact geosmin / 2-MIB may be having on your product.  Some food and beverage industries need results same day, we can do that as well.

SM 6040D Selective Ion Monitoring (SIM) GCMS

Sample Collection
Collect samples with zero headspace in a 40mL amber VOA . AEL will provide containers at no addtional charge.  Vials are preserved with Sodium Omadine.

Reporting Limit
Geosmin 1 ng/L or 1 part per trillion. MIB 5 ng/L or 5 parts per trillion. MDL values for each compound are below 0.4 ppt.

Holding Time
Three days unpreserved or 7 days if preserved with sodium omadine.

Turnaround Time
Five working days.  24-hour rush available.

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