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Storm Water Analysis

AEL works closely with industries to ensure permit compliance through appropriate analysis.  We maintain a solid line of contact with our clients so that noncompliance values are communicated immediately - not along with an invoice.  AEL conducts analyses for any type of industry - from auto salvages to zinc smelters.

Wastewater Analysis

AEL provides several services to our clients, including: routine (weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly) collection of samples, non-routine sampling, and use of auto-samplers for hourly composite samples. We work closely with our clients to ensure compliance in sample collection, and we contact the client directly when analysis values are out of compliance.  With client supplied acceptance limits, AEL also provides municipal wastewater analysis (BOD, TSS, Ammonia, etc.) for process monitoring treatment facilities.  We also perform sludge TCLP analysis for wastewater plants.

Ground Water Monitoring

AEL provides services in ground water monitoring, including: field sampling of monitoring wells, field testing (pH, DO, turbidity, conductivity, temperature and more), gauging wells, and sample collection for laboratory analysis.  Well sampling techniques include bailing using plastic or PTFE bailers and micropurging with pumps.  We work closely with our clients to ensure compliance with regulatory entities.