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Microbiology Testing

Total Coliform / Ecoli - Drinking water

Legionella - Potable & Non-potable water

Iron Reducing Bacteria

Sulfate Reducing Bacteria



ICP Metals 200.7/6010

RCRA Metals

Priority Pollutants Metals

TCLP Metals

TX12 Storm water


ORGANICS (click for full list)

OC Pesticides  608/8081

Volatiles  624/8260

TPH  TX1005, TX1006

BTEX-MTBE 624/8260

Geosmin, chlorophyll a, algae, UV254, SUVA



BOD, COD, TOC, Alkalinity, Acidity, Hardness, Specific Conductance, Ammonia, 300.0 Anions (Fluoride, Nitrite, Bromide, Nitrate, Ortho-phosphate, Sulfate), TS, TSS, TDS, Oil & Grease, Cyanide, Phenolics, Total Residual Chlorine, pH, Hexavalent Chromium, Sulfide